Social Media Tracking & Metrics

We spend a lot of time studying Social Media use in Kenya and gathering important metrics that inform your Social Media interest.

  • Currently Tracking...
  • Twitter users, conversations, trends & media sharing.
  • Facebook conversations, context & sentiment.
  • Linkedin Professional connections

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Professional Consult

Not every digital paltform is the same. Not each complements your business the same.

Get professional insight & learn how various digital platforms complement your corporate strategy.

Social Media Automation

Being on social media is easy. Measuring it's ROI is the harder part.

Don't struggle monitoring your Social Media resources when we have tools for that! Sit back, relax. Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Seriously.

Auditing, Analysis & Reporting

  1. How effective is your Digital Marketing Strategy?
  2. Is your website working for you?
  3. What are people saying about your brand?

Get all these answers today!

300k+ Kenyans On Twitter Tracked

100k+ Kenyans On Linkedin Tracked

Tracking Facebook Conversations

Tools & API's to access our data.

Our Reports

We have developed advanced tracking systems and currently analyze social media activity in Kenya. Consequently, we have taken time to analyze data gathered and have authored a series of reports for you.

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Report P001-M

Twitter Report on Martha Karua & her Twitter Capmaign.

Report A001

Analysis of Tracked accout as at Oct 2010.